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Features of a Moving Walkway

A moving walkway is made to carry people on the other side of a place without the need of walking. Moving walkways can be horizontal or vertical transportation, it is use to enhance the operation and the appearance of any infrastructure development or buildings. It is obvious that the moving walkways are made to simplify the living of many people that are going to shopping malls or any buildings, to walk effortlessly and quickly go to the desired destination. Moving walkways Australia are more efficient than other types of passenger lifts, it s less in noise and can transport people quickly. Below are the features of a moving walkway.

Features of a Moving Walkway

Drive machine – the motor is a 3 phase squirrel cage, and specifically build for walkways and escalator service. The worm gear type is composed of bronze worm gear or steel worm gear, the bearings and the gears are all lubricated and bath in oil tightly inside an oil housing.

Truss – this is welded properly and has a structural steel construction that is designed to carry people safely and also other type of loadings. All the bearing members of a truss are comprised to avoid hidden corrosion.

Handrail – a handrail is a band made of rubber with a multi-ply fabric core and has a reinforcement of a steel cord. The composition of a rubber is to guarantee that the surface of a handrail will remain smoothly and intact all the way through the full service. It has nylon webbing in the internal gliding surface to reduce wear and friction.

Pallet – it is made up of one piece of a die-cast aluminum alloy with directly spaced cleats that is made to supply a safe foothold.

Brake – it is made to automatically stop from moving the walkway every time that it has a power interruption. The control system keeps an eye on the speed of the pallet band and applies the brake when it is totally stop from moving, to prevent harsh braking and wear.

Automatic announcement system – it is to broadcast automatically the alert messages and guidance to make sure that the passengers are all safe.

There are features of a moving walkway that is optional, like automatic start and stop, motor energy control, skirt dress guard and lighting. Those are the features of a moving walkway, and it is made to help people to move from their desire destinations comfortably and safely. Visit ILCPL to know more about passenger lifts.