Basic Steps in Installing Cladding to Your Walls

Cladding is the material that is used to cover the outer wall of the home and have a variety of styles such as cement fiber board, PVC, metal siding, vinyl siding, wood siding , stones and bricks. Cladding is usually used to cover plywood and install to your wall to make it looks good and organized. Another type of cladding for finishing the exterior walls, are spread to the plywood, in the form of plaster or stucco. The installation of exterior wall cladding to your home depends on what type of cladding you are going to use.

For you to know the exact quantity of the materials that you need in exterior wall cladding installation to your home, you have to get the measurements of your exterior walls. Make sure that all the measurements are exact on each side of the wall; it is all about the length and width of your exterior walls. You must also get the measurement of the windows and doors for trims of cladding.


Make sure that all the plywood sheathing is all installed before you set the exterior wall cladding outside your home for installation. It is necessary to wrap your home using paper wrap and protect it with staples; then install now the foam insulation panels using nails. These two things are important but some people don’t want to use it because they want the job to finish quickly. Read more about the best rendering services in Melbourne.

Start installing the first row of your cladding,the starter row depends on the exact type of exterior wall cladding that you are going to use for your home. It takes time installing the starter row than to the actual material that you are going to use. You have to keep the starter row level to the wall.

Cladding In Your Walls

Overlap every successive row of your cladding if you use metal siding, vinyl siding, wood siding or cement board. It is important to overlap the bottom by the top row of cladding to protect it from water seeping. Finish the wall cladding before you install the trimmed cladding around the doors and the windows.

Some cladding installation needs to have special stuff to complete the installation of wall cladding and have a great result. Some cladding is needed to install the trims and the corners and finishing touch before the wall cladding. If you can’t do it on your own, seek help from the professionals.

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