10 Reasons to Wear Hawaiian Shirts

10 Reasons to Wear Hawaiian Shirts

1. Your friends are all color blind

2. Hawaiian shirts make you look like Elvis

3. Elvis is alive and will find you if you are wearing a Hawaiian shirt he likes

4. You don’t own an iron

5. Your gut is getting so big you no longer like wearing shirts you have to tuck in

6. David Letterman could only think of 9 reasons so he couldn’t use this bit on his show

7. When you eat you spill a lot

8. You want to feel like you are on vacation every single day

9. You like attention and compliments

10. You like to be ignored or insulted, but enjoy appearing cool in stressful situations

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History of the Hawaiian Shirt
The Hawaiian shirt as we know it, originally called the Aloha shirt, was born in the 1930’s out of nearly discarded kimono remnants on the floor of a clothing shop in Hawaii. Tailor Ellery Chun was quite probably the father of the colorful garment we take for granted, but dearly love today.

The Hawaiian shirt was an immediate sensation with the beach and surf crowd in Hawaii. Locals and tourists alike engaged in a feeding frenzy  and almost overnight, the Aloha Shirt, Design t-shirts or Hawaiian Shirt became a pop cultural, tropical islander, tourist attraction.

The Hawaiian shirt hysteria evolved into a fashion genre and quickly became the favored garb of celebrities whose short stories follow on these web pages which are devoted to the appreciation of Hawaiian shirt, Pacific Islander, Tropical Paradise, Tiki Lounge, Exotic Cocktail, Parrot head, Surfing, Drinking, Gambling………………or Hawaiian Shirt ART.


Famous people have worn Hawaiian shirts throughout the decades since the turn of the 20th Century. Their stories follow discreetly hidden in the following web pages.
Famous People who wore Hawaiian Shirts
Presidents Harry Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower frequently wore Hawaiian shirts to protest their perennial responsibility to “look presidential” in a suit and tie. Knowing Harry Truman, he might have been the first to say “The tuck stops here”
as he rebelled against the formal button down white shirt and business suit strictures of men’s traditional high governmental style clothing. The two Presidents were often seen during relaxing moments at ball games, on vacation , or while on golf outings, wearing early versions of the very same patterns.

The “E” wore Hawaiian shirts.
Elvis Presley was a Hawaiian shirt aficionado, and wore some great patterns during the filming of his classic cinema triumph “Blue Hawaii”. Only a few years too late, this magnificent film probably would have wrested the Academy Award away from Orson Welles for that small film he did called something like, oh, I think it was “Citizen Cane”.


A short list of Hollywood celebrities who wore Hawaiian shirts might include:
1. Elvis Presley
2. Arthur Godfrey
3. Bing Crosby
4. Lee Marvin
5. John Wayne
6. Montgomery Clift
7. Frank Sinatra
Note: We have yet to find a picture of either The Beatles or John F. Kennedy wearing Hawaiian shirts. But we will be very interested to see if you can produce some.

It is common knowledge that George Washington wore a Hawaiian shirt while crossing the Delaware. Probably under an overcoat. Again, alas, no photographs exist.


Alien corpses found in the wreckage of purported “space crafts” which crash landed in the wastelands near Area 51 in Roswell Nevada were said to have been wearing Hawaiian shirts. Haven’t we had enough of hot dog pilots?


Noted Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was said to have been wearing an early version of the Hawaiian shirt as he signed the Declaration of Independence. Benny remained cool and relaxed as he signed the extremely rebellious document whose impact is still being felt around the globe. “Dude”, he was heard to say “I’m bummin’ on tight shirts, give me some looser duds”. Again, regrettably, no photos exist.

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